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Library Books
by Sarah Ellix - Tuesday, 1 November 2011, 12:13 PM
As senior students go on study leave early in Week 3, I would appreciate it if you could all return your library loans before then. If you need to keep them for revision, call in to the library to arrange for a special renewal. I will be sending emails/letters to the parents of any students with outstanding items around the end of Week 3/beginning of Week 4.

After this, it will be the turn of junior students to return all their loans. All items must be returned or paid for by the last day of term, Friday 9 December. So that you have some idea of the numbers involved, there are currently 2326 items on loan, of which 1623 are already overdue.

If you know you have items out from the library, please make the effort to return them sooner rather than later.

Mrs Hammond
School Librarian