Measles Outbreak - Letter from Director of Public Health

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Measles Outbreak - Letter from Director of Public Health
by Sarah Ellix - Wednesday, 9 November 2011, 7:39 PM

So far this year, New Zealand has had 387 measles cases, which is the highest total since 1997. Most of these have been from the Auckland region (307 cases), and most of the Auckland cases have occurred since the start of the current outbreak on 30 May (278 cases).


Most cases have occurred in unimmunised people, and immunisation remains the best way to prevent infection and spread within the community. Measles affects both children and adults, and is highly contagious.

What schools can do


Prevent measles from spreading by:

1.    Telling staff, parents and caregivers about the measles outbreaks and that measles may spread to other parts of the country.

2. Asking staff, parents and caregivers to make sure that their immunisations and their children’s immunisations are up-to-date.  Anyone born from 1 January 1969 should ensure they are fully immunised against measles. If they are unsure, they can check with their family doctor.

A full copy of this letter can be found here