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Computer Science & Apps
by Sarah Ellix - Sunday, 17 August 2014, 8:13 PM


The Digital Technologies department has been committed to the teaching of Computer Science since the introduction of the Achievement standards in 2011. The number of students, including females, choosing Computer Science at the college is steadily growing. Job opportunities in this area are plentiful and often well paid.

As part of the 10DIT course, students spend a term learning about Computer Science and produced an App/Game using the Scratch programming language. These games, along with some Year 11 games can be played by clicking here.


We are also pleased to announce that we will be offering two Year 9 courses in 2015. The first is a general Digital Information Technology course and the other one will have a larger Computer Science component to cater for those students who already have basic digital literacy skills and wish to challenge themselves further. If you didn’t make the Open evening and require more information please email me If you son or daughter is interested in one of our courses please indicate DIT on your enrollment form and you can discuss further at your interview your final choice.

Tawa Intermediate students have been lucky enough to gain an insight into what’s on offer at in the DIT department in Year 9 when 50 students attended a “taster” afternoon at the college. We are hoping to run another afternoon this term for those who didn’t get a place.


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