Lockers 2017

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Lockers 2017
by e2learn tawa college - Friday, 3 February 2017, 6:50 PM

Students can choose their own locker and will need to provide their own padlock, or buy one from the school office for $5.00.

Students will have the locker for one year at a time. The lockers will be cleared at the end of each year.

The Year 9 students and students who paid for a locker last year will get the first opportunity to choose a locker first this week and next week.

Year 10 students would get the next opportunity in Week 3.

Senior students would then be able to choose a locker.

Any lockers not chosen can be claimed during the year. The student simply puts a padlock on it.

Lockers will be emptied by the students by an advertised date at the end of each year.

Any lockers with padlocks after the final date for clearance will be opened by staff and any contents (excluding food) will be retained by the school until the end of February the following year. Students will be able to claim their property. Any unclaimed property will then be disposed of.